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By John Nieman
Adopted children often benefit from post-adoption contact with members of their birth families, and Post-Adoption Contact Agreements facilitate these continued relationships. Learn the requirements and limitations on PACAs in this excellent article.

August 28, 2017

Video Music Awards

Apparently this YouTube star who used to be cheated on by another YouTube star every night while he made her watch went on a rampage when she saw one of his male cohorts. The cohort took a swing at her and said he was just paying her back for what her current YouTube star boyfriend did to a woman.

Alissa Violet/Jake Paul/Ricky Banks (attacked Jake Paul’s assistant Megan Zelly)

Actually, he instructed us in the details through Tex. He just told me to do everything Tex said to do. Charlie had control over everybody.

Barry Gibb dedicated his knighthood to late bandmates Maurice and Robin, while Darcey Bussell said she was “truly humbled” by her damehood

There was an uproar in the courtroom. Not everyone there supported women's suffrage. But all agreed that Anthony had been denied her right to a fair trial.

Note: Domestic violence and abuse is simply inexcusable! This story is in NO WAY intended to glorify or justify it in anyway. It is based on actual events of an acquaintance of mine and hopefully is respectful of the initial awful circumstances that through several twists and turns that ended up in loving activity. This is, therefore, not my usual sex story at least in the beginning.


A chime rang out on my cell phone and instantly I heard my sister-in-law screaming out and seconds later the screen was filled with the image of her cornered in the kitchen of her home, "NO! Get away from me, leave me alone, Ouwe! Fuck, you're hurting me!"

I could hear a man's heavy breathing and then I saw him slap her several times and then punch her in her chest before ripping open her blouse, "Vicky you are a fucking bitch I told you not to do it but you went and did it anyway."

There was blood coming from her lip and she was a horrible mess. While I made sure this was being recorded I hollered out to my wife, "Linda call the police right fucking now Ray is beating the shit out of your sister. Hurry this looks bad."

I was so glad we lived in a small city as the police were there in two minutes flat putting the cuffs on the scum bag. Linda and I had run out of our house and were only a minute behind the ambulance's arrival. We stayed by her side until she was released from the hospital luckily with no broken bones but with plenty of bruises and lacerations. She did not want to go back to her home so we took her to our house.

Vicky and her sister Linda were both very beautiful. I had dated both in college. Vicky and I had never been real serious, so I thought, as, at that time, we never seemed to have that magic spark or lightning bolt as she called it. On the other hand, wonderful sparks flew between me and her older sister resulting in a very happy marriage. The three of us remained very close and there was absolutely no jealousy between the sisters.

Earlier that same week Vicky had come over to our house and told us that Ray was getting out of control and she was afraid that things might go too far. We urged her to move out right away. She could not bring herself to do it as she hoped she could find some other solution. I had never liked Ray as he seemed controlling and was an alcoholic. He did not seem to like anyone. One example of this was that he said my name Bill stood for Brother-In-Law Loser. He would get mad that no one, including his wife, would laugh at this attempt at humor.

After an hour of back and forth it was decided that I would buy a home camera system and hide the cameras all over their house. The ten cameras were hooked by wi-fi to a hard drive and could send a feed to any cell phone. Also, I set up the system so that Vicky had a panic button on her phone which would connect to my phone and show me what was going on. In addition, I could log in anytime and spy on them. This last feature seemed to relieve Vicky as she wondered if she could always have even a moment to press the couple of buttons on her cell phone.

"Don't hesitate to press the button labelled 'recipes' anytime you feel even the least bit threatened. I don't really want to keep checking in on you as that seems a bit creepy but I'll do it if it helps keep my favorite sister-in-law safe. Our offer to stay with us is always open," I told her as I gathered the packaging to take to my car. She gave me a most wonderful hug thanking me over and over. We hoped by titling the panic button 'recipes' Ray would not think anything of it if he got curious and checked out her phone.

Little did Linda and I realize that Vicky would have to press the button only a couple of nights later. I could not imagine what great sin Vicky could have committed that caused Ray to go off like that. We would find out later that she had bought store brand canned green beans instead of the name brand to save some money as their finances were shaky.

At the hospital, the police took a brief statement from us but wanted Vicky to come in for a complete interview the next day. When we got to our house we were all too wired to go to sleep. We sat together on the sofa silently for the longest time with Vicky between Linda and me.

"Bill, installing that camera system may have saved my life. He was crazy. You are my white knight," Vicky said teary-eyed as she hugged Linda then turn to me and hugged me as well. She kept her arms around me and snuggled up to me. I put my arms around her, resting one hand on her hip and the other on her mid-back.

This resulted in her snuggling even closer. The next thing I knew she had fallen asleep in my arms. Linda got up and got us a blanket which she draped over us. Then she got her own blanket and laid back in the easy chair. We did not wake up for several hours until the sun poured in through the windows. We slowly got up and fixed some coffee knowing this would be a busy day.

We were eating a simple breakfast of fruit and cereal when the phone rang. It was the detective in charge of the investigation. We arranged to have Linda and Vicky meet him at the station while I met one of his colleagues at Vicky's home to show him where the hard drive and all the cameras were hidden and look for other evidence. When I was done with that I would go to the store and get a perimeter system for our house out of an abundance of caution.

Ray and Vicky's house looked like a tornado had been through it. The officer took pictures of the broken dishes on the kitchen floor and the spots of blood on the counter and floor. Then I showed him the cameras and hard drive. In the master bedroom, we found a shredded nightgown which he took a picture of then bagged. We also found their cell phones which he took as well.

I had just finished installing the exterior cameras and motion detectors when the ladies returned home. The police told Vicky not to return to her home until it was safe as Ray might not be held. After the police station, they went shopping for a few clothes for Vicky. We talked again and Vicky agreed to have me handle her divorce as she now knew, for certain, it was over.

"Bill, I guess that Ray will have to revise your name from Brother-In-Law Loser to Brother-In-Law Lawyer," it was a poor attempt at humor but one of the first upbeat things she had said. Just then the phone rang again. It was the prosecutor, who was very upset, telling us that the judge had allowed bail of $50,000 for Ray. Which meant he only had to raise 10 percent of that for a bondsman.

Panicking I had Vicky check her bank account and sure enough he had used the debit card to post bail. There was another big withdrawal a half hour later. Vicky called the bank and transferred the remaining balances to our account and then cancelled all their joint credit cards. But it was too late as Ray was already on the prowl.

We called the detective and he told us they would have a car in the area keeping close eye but there was not much more he could do unless Ray violated the order of protection or committed another crime. Linda and I took turns comforting Vicky while the other kept a human eye out the window with the house phone in hand.

At dusk, it happened the motion sensor went off and the screen showed Ray approaching the house. When he got to the front door he banged on it screaming, "Let me in, I know that bitch is in there.

Linda dialed the police just as Ray must have concluded that we were not going to let him in. At that moment, he raised up a high-powered rifle and began shooting at every window. Obviously, he was hoping to hit his wife. Other than some property damage he did no harm. While he was still shooting several police, cars pulled up and cornered him and eventually took him away and out of Vicky's life.

Of course, this was not the end of it for Vicky, but the justice system, finally, worked like a well-oiled machine. Ray's lawyer convinced him to plea bargain to life in prison as the evidence for attempted murder was overwhelming not to mention that the tapes had shown him raping Vicky one night. The judge, now embarrassed, sentenced him to the maximum which meant he would not be eligible for parole for 50 years.

The mental healing would take a while but Linda and I would be there for her all the way. We did not realize what was slowly happening to all three of us. The first night after the shooting we stayed in a hotel sharing a complimentary suite. That was only one advantage of being in a small town as a cleaning service came in the next day and cleaned both houses and my friend who owned the local glass company had a crew replace the windows so we could go home after only one night away.

The community outpouring of support was wonderful and helped Vicky a lot. Later a couple of women called to tell Vicky that hearing her story had given them the courage to leave abusive relationships. Vicky did not want to leave our sides. We thought it was just because of a natural insecurity after such a traumatic incident but it turned out there was a lot more which went all the way back to our high school days.

When we returned to our home Vicky asked if she could sleep with us in our king size bed that night. We had no problem with the request as we were not in any mood for sexual activity anyway. Linda and I were both surprised when she came out of the bathroom wearing one of Linda's sexy nightgowns. It was silky and clingy and I could tell where her nipples were.

She quickly explained that they had forgotten to buy night clothes and figured it would be alright if she used one of Linda's gowns. In truth, besides her winter pajamas, it was probably the most conservative gown my wife owned. I suggested that Linda sleep in the middle position but Vicky said she would feel a lot more secure and comforted between us. My sister-in-law had a restless night and awoke to bad dreams a couple of times and ended up taking turns snuggling against us.

The next day Linda returned to work so Vicky tagged along with me while I took care of some legal business. She asked if we could stop by a realtor's office and put their house up for sale. Since it only took one signature to list the property I agreed. The next stop was their house where Vicky did not doddle quickly filling a few shopping bags with clothes and other required items. Over the next few weeks we sold some of the stuff and put the rest in storage.

Again, that night she slept with us. At one point, she was resting her hand on my manhood through my shorts. Linda told me similarly Vicky's hand had cupped her breast during the night. It came as no surprise to me that she was likely having sexual dreams as I knew her to be a very sexual woman.

By the same token I was not surprised that she had cupped my wife's breast as I wasn't sure if she was bisexual or just bi-curious as I knew the sisters had experimented on each other a bit in college. I was never told how far it had gone. However, I was surprised that she was having dreams within a few nights of almost losing her life. Linda thought it might not be sexual at all but just her sister needing a special closeness. I assured Linda I had no intention of taking advantage of the situation.

After a few nights of this and the cuddling staying just as friendly Linda asked her sister when she would be ready to move into the other bedroom. We knew Vicky had no place to go especially as she lost her job for too many absent days but was told it was hers once her situation got better. She said she still needed us and couldn't she stay a bit longer in our bedroom. Linda had a frustrated look on her face.

It was as if a light bulb went on in Vicky's mind. She blushed and pulled my wife out of ear shot. It turned out they had come to some sort of arrangement where she could still sleep in our bed but would make herself scarce when Vicky signaled her. This was most easily accomplished in the morning as Vicky would get up first and make a large breakfast for us giving us plenty of time to have our usual wild sex.

Things settled in and we never said anything to Vicky about what she did during the night. However, she seemed to be getting bolder doing things like squeezing my penis or rubbing my ass. Linda reported that her sister had caressed her ass several times and had cupped Linda's pussy.

One night about three or four months in we both awoke to Vicky getting herself off. We both laid there in silence letting her think we slept through what she was doing. I admitted to Linda that I had gotten very hard and aroused during Vicky's unintended show. Linda, for her part, admitted to gently playing with herself after getting too aroused to stop herself. Obviously that morning she and I had great sex.

Shortly after that Vicky started flirting with both of us. I told her when she was ready I had a couple of single friends who would love to take her out and would be sensitive to her feelings. She put me off saying she wanted to get comfortable in her own skin again before going out with a stranger. Soon she was walking around in the morning in t-shirt and bikini panties. She would give us both pecks on the lips when we came down for breakfast, hugging us tightly.

Both Linda and I had a feeling that Vicky wanted something to happen between us. After several days of back and forth, no arguing just brainstorming, we decided to resist Vicky's advances the best we could. But, as good of a seductress Vicky was turning out to be there would be no recrimination if either of us gave in but also no secrets.

It was a Wednesday morning about 7 months after Vicky moved in and Linda had just left for work and as usual I was working from home. I went into the kitchen to get a cup of coffee. There was my sister-in-law in her now usual morning time outfit, t-shirt and panties. I could just see the bottom of the backside of the undies as she was putting something back in the icebox.

I gulped as I walked over to the coffee maker. I poured my cup and after taking a sip I sat it down on the counter. She turned around and saw me standing there and a smile crept across her face. The T-shirt outlined her boobs perfectly and the nipples were so erect that one could imagine them poking a hole in the material. I took a sip as she approached and I could not help but stare at her chest, "Good morning Vicky."

When she got to me she lifted my chin and gave me the usual morning peck on my mouth. Then she surprised me and kissed me again this time shoving her tongue into my mouth. It was a short kiss but long enough to make my member spring to full attention. Vicky replied, "Good morning, it is a beautiful day, isn't it? I've got a feeling it might be a very fun and exciting day."

It was at that moment that she ran her fingers down to my sweatpants and lightly caressed my erection. She traced it's outline then gave it a light squeeze. She continued to fondle me through the cloth as my eyes were burning a hole into her breasts which were shaking ever so slightly as she played with me. I was frozen in place, "Vic, Vicky we can't, you're my sister-in-law... umm."

Relief washed over my face as she withdrew her hand but was still standing right in front of me. Her hands moved to the hem of her shirt and she slowly pulled it over her head exposing her large C or D cup boobs. All I knew for sure is that they were a smidge bigger than my wife's. Vicky grabbed my hand and placed it on her tit, "You haven't taken your eyes from these since you came in. I seem to remember that you couldn't leave my boobs alone when we dated. They were like a magnet for your hands and mouth and they are yours again."

"Yes, I remember but that was before I was married to your sister," I asserted very unconvincingly as she put my other hand on her other breast. Here was this sexy woman standing in front of me inviting me to have sex and I just stood there with my hands resting on her full tits. I managed to very lightly move my fingers around just a bit but my conscious was not letting me go any further.

Having been steamy lovers a few years ago Vicky knew my biggest weakness, at least with her. She winked at me and I knew trouble was coming. Gently she removed my hands from her chest and turned around. Then leaning against the counter pulled her panties from her very large pillowy ass cheeks, "Bill, do you still love my big butt? As I recall you really loved kissing and kneading it. You especially liked the way my little ass hole seemed to wink at you as you pulled my cheeks apart."

All resistance left me at that moment. When we had dated she could get me to do just about anything in exchange for playing with her ass. Here we were again with me at her sexual mercy. She reached back and spread her cheeks and there was her puckering brown hole. My cock was now throbbing as I gave in, "You are a devil woman!"

"I know," she purred as she wiggled her hips at me. I was already reaching for her plump ass and began kneading it. Seconds later I was on my knees behind her kissing and licking her cheeks. I worked my way to her sexy crack. She pushed her ass up toward my face as my tongue swiped up and down her deep crevice. It did not take long for my tongue to bury itself into her ass hole. It seemed to open like a flower for me.

"Bill stop for a minute, let's take this to the bedroom please," Vicky groaned. It took a few seconds to register in my mind what she had said. The moral part of me was hoping the spell would be broken once we broke apart to go to the bedroom. I knew the odds of that happening were almost zero. I stabbed my tongue deep into her bowels one last time then stood up licking my lips.

She pulled her panties back up and turned around and kissed me hard. As we kissed she pushed her hand inside the sweat pants and gave my cock several firm tugs. Her actions resulted in my member being freed from the sweatpants. She turned back around to lead me to my bedroom but before leaving she ground her big ass against my groin. I groaned out, "Damn, we're going to hell for this!"

"That's probably where all our friends will be anyway," she giggled as she ran to the bedroom. As I followed her I thought to myself that I hope Ray is in a different section of hell then. When I arrived, she was laying on the bed playing with her tits, pinching her nipples. My clothes fell away in five seconds flat.

"Vicky, once I suck this foot into my mouth you realize there is no turning back as my lust for you will take over," I growled as I held her foot in my hand standing at the foot of the bed. I waited for a few seconds that seemed like hours for her to pull away. Then I flicked my tongue over the big toe before sucking her toes into my mouth. Having a green light, I set her foot down and practically jumped on top of my sister-in-law.

"YES! Bill, I want you every way possible," Vicky gasped as she threw her arms around me. Our mouths met savagely as it appeared we were trying to swallow each other's faces. We were rolling around on the bed frantically getting re-acquainted with one another's bodies. I never noticed her remove her panties but suddenly they were being rubbed against my face before she slid them across her own face.

The aroma of her juices filled my nose. Hungrily I kissed down her body. She had such a beautiful bush which parted just for me showing off her very wet pussy. I ran my hands over it before flicking her swollen lips with my tongue. Vicky put her hand on my head guiding me to go deeper. I, of course, took her hint and soon my tongue was all over her pussy, scooping out her honey and swirling around her clit.

"Oh, fuck Bill that's fantastic! Let's sixty-nine right now. I want your cock!" Quickly she moved away and motioned for me to lay flat on the bed and before I was even settled her pussy was back in my face and her hands were on my cock. In this position, her glorious ass was the only thing in my field of vision. While I frantically licked and kissed her twat my hands went to work on her butt.

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