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The challenge is therefore to find or create a controller that can be used with virtually any hobby type brushless motor for drivetrain applications.  Along the configurability axis, hobby equipment has a huge lead on industrial ones for the ability to “mix and match” motors, making them way better suited in principle for combat robots, which are generally bespoke systems not designed around any one particular drive constraint. Special requirements of drivetrains are the ability to handle inertial loads (recognizing that steady acceleration is necessary instead of forcible commanding a higher drive frequency, for example), rapid reversing, and DC-motor like near-stall behavior, if fully stalled behavior is not possible. And finally, it should be inexpensive enough to be worth investigating over a known DC motor solution.

$1000 doesn't give you a lot of options, so you might need to go second hand. Go to Gumtree and grab yourself a CD player- there's heaps of them for under $100. Like this.

I received my Power 1 cords yesterday evening and promptly hooked them up.

My Lord...! And the things haven't even burned in yet... Absolute magic, Rob...already I can tell that the sound has tightened up, the stage is wider and the imaging deeper. Wonderful, wonderful sound coming out of my system! I have always know that decent interconnects and speaker cables can make a difference....but never in my wildest dreams did I believe power cords could do so much. I'm impressed...very impressed. If this is the beginning of what I can expect, I can't wait to hear it blossom in a month or two.

Mr Jamo Shake What You Brought With You