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This is more if the 50 most popular than 50 greatest. Who can really argue with the
#1, Kind of Blue? But I appreciate the attempt.

After it’s demolition, the building was replaced by the Eldon Garden Shopping Centre. The position of the doorway to the club was below the pedestrian walkway that links the Eldon Square complex with the Eldon Garden Shopping Centre near the entrance doors.

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I would rather have ANY solution other than a cut out in my screen. You're right though, I haven't ever seen it in person, but that wouldn't make me change my mind, it would probably just make me even more upset at how incredible the rest of the design is with one fatal flaw.

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Mel Torme Ive Got The World On A StringMel Torme Ive Got The World On A StringMel Torme Ive Got The World On A StringMel Torme Ive Got The World On A String