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Blues songs have the reputation of being resigned to fate rather than fighting against misfortune, but there have been exceptions. Bessie Smith recorded protest song "Poor Man Blues" in 1928. Josh White recorded "When Am I Going to be Called a Man" in 1936 – at this time it was common for white men to address black men as "boy" – before releasing two albums of explicitly political material, 1940's Chain Gang and 1941's Southern Exposure: An Album of Jim Crow Blues . [26] Lead Belly's "Bourgeois Blues" and Big Bill Broonzy 's "Black, Brown and White" (aka "Get Back") protested racism. Billie Holiday recorded and popularised the song " Strange Fruit " in 1939. Written by Communist Lewis Allan , and also recorded by Josh White and Nina Simone , it addressed Southern racism, specifically the lynching of African-Americans, and was performed as a protest song in New York venues, including Madison Square Gardens . In the post-war era, . Lenoir gained a reputation for political and social comment; his record label pulled the planned release of 1954 single "Eisenhower Blues" due to its title [27] and later material protested civil rights, racism and the Vietnam War. [28] John Lee Hooker also sang 'I Don't Wanna Go To Vietnam" on 1969 album Simply the Truth . [29]

STOP PRESS. We’ve called a temporary halt to the Lee Wilson exposé/blackmail campaign after a cheque arrived from Lee’s business account (The Bank of Scrooge) written in quill and made out to Lord Waistrel for the sum of 500 guineas. Frankly we don’t know whether to pay it in or frame it...

1. THE CURE – happy birthday
2. THE ADVERTS – bored teenagers
3. MÜHLHEIM ASOZIAL – der Skandinave
4. BIRTHDAY PARTY – happy birthday
5. TRICK 17 – wenn die Russen kommen
6. REAGAN YOUTH – degenerated
7. ASTA KASK – lägg av!
8. THE PARTISANS – 17 years of hell
9. EXPERIMENTAL PRODUCTS – feeling left out
10. METAL BOYS – colt 45
11. THE ADOLECENTS – amoeba
12. STALAG 17 – bologna reprime
13. CONFLICT – the serenade is dead
15. YOUTH OF TODAY – breakdown the wall
16. DAF – verschwende deine Jugend
17. THE CURE – 17 seconds

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One, if not the, most successful bands of the entire UK Real Punk explosion of the early 80’s, The Exploited managed to chalk up four…

Newtown Neurotics Licensing Hours No SanctuaryNewtown Neurotics Licensing Hours No SanctuaryNewtown Neurotics Licensing Hours No SanctuaryNewtown Neurotics Licensing Hours No Sanctuary